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The research underpinning the PulsiV technology is based on the work conducted by Dr Zaki Ahmed, who made a series of findings at Plymouth University, as part of its power and electronics group.

The University of Plymouth’s strategic relationship with Frontier IP Group PLC was instrumental to the growth and investment in developing the PulsiV vision. As a result, new team members were appointed to accelerate the commercial growth of the company, with protection of the core technology being the subject of three separate patent families currently licensed to PulsiV. 



The original PulsiV principle is based on harvesting energy from solar panels using a pulsed-energy extraction technique, with a view to making this more efficient. Our PulsiV micro-inverter, a combination of sophisticated circuity and algorithms, has been demonstrated to increase the power output of solar panels by up to 30%.

It doesn’t stop with solar, with PulsiV technology also having the potential to change the way power is generated, converted and consumed in a world where demand for efficient energy solutions is at an all-time high. Applicable to everything from household electricals, to commercial vehicles, our technology is set to change how we access and use energy, for the better.

Our work in this sector has already received international recognition, with the award of Best Scientific Paper at the 3rd IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference held in Busan, South Korea in June 2016 (read more about this here).


Our work has already received high profile investments from recognised businesses, including £500,000 in first round investment funding last year. These funds are being used to accelerate product development and testing, set to take place in 2016.

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