Revolutionising the global energy sector

The PulsiV technology harnesses the principles of high frequency, pulsed-power extraction systems, establishing a new, unique method of harvesting more efficient energy.

Providing a fresh perspective on power generation, conversion and low-impact energy supply, we are addressing the fundamental issues facing the energy sector today, delivering a low-carbon, cleaner and more efficient future.

Our work has already received widespread recognition within the solar energy sector, with the same technology having the potential to improve the way we access and consume power in the everyday - from commercial transport systems, to solar farms, to humble household devices.





Power Generation: Powering the Everyday

Our PulsiV technology generates more efficient, usable power. It addresses the growing demand for a consistent, cost-effective renewable energy supply in a world now increasingly reliant on technology.

By converting natural sources of energy into efficient, low-impact electricity, the PulsiV micro-inverter technology has already demonstrated to increase the power output of solar panels by up to 30% - without any changes to the panel itself.

It has far reaching implications on everyday power generation. The PulsiV technology is applicable to everything from Smart TVs, phone chargers, to laptops – potentially putting an end to the overheating of devices, whilst maximising power output.


Power Conversion: Creating Cleaner Energy

By analysing the dynamic interactions made between technology and power sources, we have developed a smarter method of converting energy more efficiently into cleaner electricity.

The way in which we use electrical energy is dramatically different from the way in which it's generated. For example, when charging an electric car a large amount of energy is required to convert the power from the source into usable high voltage electricity, with significant energy 'losses' experienced as this process occurs.

Our technology provides a smarter, more efficient means of conversion, significantly reducing the energy lost during the process, creating a more affordable means of converting power for a time when renewable energy demand is at a record high.


Efficient Power: Giving Technology a Boost

Imagine a world where we can get more energy from our household devices, without making any changes to the power source. That's exactly the potential opportunity with our PulsiV Rectifier technology, delivering more power to improve the energy performance of electrical appliances – from conventional toasters, to kettles, to heaters.

By using the power available, the PulsiV Rectifier can increase the voltage supplied to electrical devices, improving its performance without any changes to the device itself. This process 'upgrades' the standard appliance making efficient energy easily accessible, having the potential to transform energy access for communities globally.